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The time has finally come to say adieu to our beloved TinyHouse43.

We built this beauty as a way to reach financial independence, and we still will.... once we sell her. It certainly isn't the way we envisioned reaching that debt-free goal, but as my late mother was fond of saying, "by hook or crook." She was equally fond of my most oft repeated phrase whenever life threw me yet another curve ball... c'est la vie! 

So, please look through the pages herein, and check out the blog for more details on the sale. We are asking $55,000.00, which is about $20,000.00 less than we put into her and includes the $16,000.00 we paid for the professionally framed and trailer-mounted Tumbleweed Barn Raiser, only the second one Tumbleweed ever produced. There's lots of high-end features in our home (our woodstove alone was $5,000), and you'll clearly never find another tiny house like her. We're still doing some cosmetic work to make her shipshape for her new owners, but she's been 100% livable since 2015.

Serious inquiries can be sent to TinyHouse43@gmail.com, and please know you'll have to arrange your own towing as we traded our dually for a Jeep some months back. 

Thank you all for following our journey since 2013, and we sincerely hope the new owners will find as much love and happiness between her walls as we did.

-Meg, Brandy, and R.A.D

All photography provided by Meg MacG



We are Meg, Brandy, and R.A.D, and this is the story of our transition from a McMansion to a traveling tiny house.

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