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***JULY 2019 UPDATE***

Hello friends! I will be back in the North Texas area in mid-August, and at that time I will be updating photos, details, and allowing showings of the tiny house as I can fit them in. In the interest of keeping my personal life just that, I choose not to divulge the true reason for the sale of the tiny home except to say that the funds are desperately needed. I also need to re-educate myself on the house’s systems and details as Brand, bless him, was truly the builder of the home and the one who fully understands the inner workings. He is not present to assist me with selling the house, so do please bear with me as I relearn my dream home, if only to find it a new owner to love it as much as I have. If I could find a place where I had reliable hard-wired internet (because my job depends on it) that wasn’t 8-skillion miles from the DFW metroplex, I would keep it and live in it full-time. It is merely all the life changes that have occurred that render the house a “paperweight-on-wheels” for me. Sad, but oh so true. Anyway, more updates to come. Thanks for your patience, and please reach out via TinyHouse43@gmail.com for any questions!


***UPDATE 01/26/2019***

After initially concluding we’d found a way to keep our beloved tiny house, we have once again decided letting her go is the best thing. We have slashed the price to $35,000.00, which by my count is about $35-40K less than we have in her NOT counting labor and time costs (I’ll gather the specifics as best I can, it once the big purchases were made I truly stopped counting). We cannot go lower than that for a plethora of reasons, so please don’t ask. If you’re seriously interested, please email me at TinyHouse43@gmail.com and I’ll return your message promptly. We are not physically near the house at this moment for showings, but I will make arrangements as best I can to show it via help from family. The goal is to get back to the house and get it ship shape this summer if it hasn’t sold as-is already before then, but I do have some specific thing I’d like to finish up on the inside, as well as add a new coat of oil on the exterior and do some system checks to boot. Everything was working fine when last we checked, but as we haven’t run the water, water heater, or water pump since we parked it last, a good once-over is due. Again, the $35,000.00 price is as low as we will go, and you’re literally getting $65-70K worth of materials and professional framing and systems-development at half price. WE LOVE OUR HOME, but #life says it’s time to officially close this chapter. Many thanks for following us these past few years, and blessings to you all on your journeys into and out of the tiny life as they may flow.



The time has finally come to say adieu to our beloved TinyHouse43.

We built this beauty as a way to reach financial independence, and we still will.... once we sell her. It certainly isn't the way we envisioned reaching that debt-free goal, but as my late mother was fond of saying, "by hook or crook." She was equally fond of my most oft repeated phrase whenever life threw me yet another curve ball... c'est la vie! 

So, please look through the pages herein, and check out the blog for more details on the sale. We are asking $35,000.00, which is about $35,000.00 less than we put into her and includes the $16,000.00 we paid for the professionally framed and trailer-mounted Tumbleweed Barn Raiser, only the second one Tumbleweed ever produced. There's lots of high-end features in our home (our woodstove alone was $5,000), and you'll clearly never find another tiny house like her. We're still doing some cosmetic work to make her shipshape for her new owners, but she's been 100% livable since 2015.

Serious inquiries can be sent to TinyHouse43@gmail.com, and please know you'll have to arrange your own towing as we traded our dually for a Jeep some months back. 

Thank you all for following our journey since 2013, and we sincerely hope the new owners will find as much love and happiness between her walls as we did.

-Meg, Brandy, and R.A.D

All photography provided by Meg MacG



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