Bon Voyage

Just an FYI that we have opted not to attend the Tiny House Jamboree this year. Between busy, busy schedules and the need for a genuine break from all that, we decided to take our approved time off and go someplace(s) new instead. Now we're looking forward to a low cost, low stress adventure with the munchkin for a week.

β›±πŸ πŸŒ΄πŸ‘™πŸŒŠπŸ•ΆπŸΉβ›΅οΈπŸ–


You'll also notice a dialing-down of our online presence for a while as we continue to focus on our debt elimination and self-care vs. making headway on the remaining tiny house projects. Summertime in Texas doesn't lend itself to the desire to work outdoors in the daytime, so instead we are focusing inward on more personal goals. While we do love sharing our tiny house story with you all, it doesn't provide the life essentials (namely income) we need to meet our other long and short term goals. We aren't saying goodbye - just see you later! ☺️


Enjoy your day, and have fun at the Jam!!