TH43 v1.0 Video Tour

Greetings! I have posted a pair of heavily detailed video tours of our tiny house to our own YouTube channel called TINY HOUSE FOR THREEI've also embedded them at the bottom of this post for sake of ease.

I want to again remind folks that our house is not 100% completed, and therefore you're going to see plenty of projects left to complete. I also intentionally didn't do a thorough clean on the house before filming, because let's face it - how often have you seen a house with kids and pets be immaculate other than on magazine covers and heavily staged TV shows?! Yup, that's what I thought! The only thing that would have made this video more accurate to our real, day-to-day tiny house living would be to have had R.A.D playing with his cars in his room and Brand sitting in the nook studying or playing video games with more dirty dishes on the counter and me sprawled out on the couch reading a magazine. You may wrinkle your nose at some of our unfinished work or the dishes in the sink because it's not aesthetically pleasing, and we've already had some folks give unsolicited snipes about our design choices and layout ("Only thing better would be tiny house with a better design than a hallway... 😬"). Regardless of your own preferences for what you think a tiny house should look like, including your own if you go that route, you need to keep one highly important fact in mind:


We built OUR house to OUR standards for OUR needs and to OUR budget and timeframe, and we aren't done yet!! We chose to go on and share both photos and a video tour of our work-in-progress house now because 1) it's going to be a while before we really have it ALL done to our satisfaction and 2) because we want to encourage others, especially those who have little to no help for their build who are trudging along fretting about whether or not they'll ever finish it, that IT'S OKAY FOR YOUR HOUSE TO NOT BE PERFECT by the time you are ready to move in! Sure, it's a royal pain in the keester to live in a construction zone, especially a TINY construction zone, but it CAN. BE. DONE.

Your house doesn't have to be HGTV ready to be loved, to be lived in, and to be proud of. The haters and trolls will be there no matter how pristine your floors are, how white your walls are, or how sparkling your expensive hammered copper sink that you simply couldn't resist is, so just keep on keeping on! 😉 Be proud of what you've accomplished so far, what you'll continue to complete in the future, and of the very fact you had the cajones to start in the first place!! I've found some of the most vocal critics of our tiny house and of many others don't even live in a tiny house and have no plans to do so. What suddenly makes them the experts on tiny house building, design, and living?! Oh that's right.... not a damn thing! ☺️ So just remember....


Now that I've dismounted the soap box and without any further ado, may I proudly present our unfinished, unkempt TinyHouse43 v1.0 in all its video tour glory! 


P. S. I should also point out this isn't a, " and here's the kitchen, and over there is the bathroom," type tour. I actually share useful information about our house that anyone building or living in a tiny house might find useful. That's why combined the tour is 30 minutes long! 😜

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We have failed as #NaturesHead owners. 🚽


Not only have we overflowed our pee jug multiple times despite marking the side with a "do not pass this" line because the naturally occurring discoloration masks the ability to determine the fluid level, but apparently we somehow shoved toilet paper into the urine diverter. Know what that means? Yep, you guessed it: our #1 and #2 mixed, thus defeating the purpose of a urine diverting compost toilet and surpassing the wetness the built in little fan can dry out.


So... no dry, earthy-smelling compost for us this time around. All I can say is that I am DAMN GRATEFUL for my husband and his willingness to tackle Mount 💩, and he's damn grateful for the bottle of whiskey he keeps on top of the fridge. I'm also thankful for our collective cold tolerance as we opened all the windows and turned on the ceiling fan to dissipate the nasal onslaught in 30 degree weather.


Here are a few lessons we've learned and tips to avoid our mistakes that we're passing on to you, dear (likely a little green around the gills now) readers... 😱


1) Spring for the rapid dissolve TP ⌛️, and use it as sparingly as possible. The regular stuff is your enemy. Trust me. If you're the Al Bundy type who likes a mitt for each use, you're going to have to GTFOI quick lest you risk disaster in your immediate voiding future. We thought we could get away with our Charmin Ultra. In the words of Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor...



2) Make absolutely, positively certain your trap door is COMPLETELY CLOSED with each #1 use, especially if you have kids! Our little guy is good about opening it, but he doesn't alays remember to close it. On at least two occasions I've found this out the hard way after stumbling down the stairs with a full bladder at 0-dark-30 and not turning on the light. Oops. 💡


3) To everything, churn, churn, churn... 🎤 Seiously. Whether it's One or Two, crank that handle a LOT. Every. Single. Time. If the TP piles up, you run the risk of it getting stuck in the urine diverter or wedging itself in the trap door. Either way, your literally pissing away your chance at creating proper compost. 


4) And speaking of cranking... always crank your mixing handle counterclockwise as this should help reduce the likelihood you inadvertently shove the aforementioned TP into the urine diverter. If TP does find its way into the diverter, remove it ASAP. Are you finding a pattern to these warnings yet?? ⏰


5) Clean your pee jug regularly with vinegar to keep the discoloration at bay. Believe me when I say you WILL cry over repeatedly spilled pee. 😩


6) Consider buying a second pee jug just in case you can't keep the first one clean enough to know when to empty it before it overflows. This was sage advice passed on to us, and we are taking it. ✌🏻️


If we've learned anything in our first two months of using a compost toilet full time with a little kiddo, it's that Nature's Head takes constant vigilance to avoid an excremental disaster. We've had a very busy, erratic schedule since we moved to Colorado that has led us to be much more distracted than usual, and I'm more than willing to bet that absentmindedness has greatly contributed to this cluster suck as well. That said, the six tips above should help greatly mitigate the likelihood of a similar outcome to our first go round the stinkberry bush. I sure as hell hope so anyway. Brand's liver won't hold up to another Poopocalype Now, and my nose hairs are going to need at least a couple months to regrow.