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The first leg of our Tiny House Adventure has begun!


We headed to Northern Colorado in October 2015 for what was supposed to be 12 to 18 months of mountain living, but sometimes Reality Bites and adjustments have to be made. After six months in Colorado we headed back to Texas April 3, 2016, where we'll spend time finally paying off the last of our debt, finishing the detail work and make a few necessary improvements on the tiny house, and then saving up funds for the future road trip across the USA and Canada!

The exact timeline for the cross-country traveling leg of our journey is totally flux, but the end goal is to be relocated to Washington state no later than the summer of 2018 for the little man to start first grade. Brand will be finishing his degree at the University of Washington in Seattle, so we'll be buying some land of our own to settle in permanently. If Meg has her way, there will be a tiny house B&B in the future as well. It's going to be an amazing few years for us, so check back often to see our progress!



We've got a couple different tentative trips saved on that you can check out here.

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See the most recent photos of our tiny house as we finish details and improve upon our original design as well!

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